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  • Consultation at the clinic: 60 GBP
  • Telephonw & Skype Consultation: 60 GBP
  • E-mail Consultation: 60 GBP

※Remedies and delivery charge are all inclusive
Exception: Homeopathic creams and supplements


  • First consultation: 1 hour
  • Follow up consultations: 30 minutes to 1 hour

    • What does a Homeopathic consultation involve?

      Homeopathic consultations are very different to a visit to the GP. Consultations take place in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment.
      The first time you come along for a consultation, we spend about an hour or so talking through the specific symptoms you have, how long you have had them and other health related questions. I’ll be asking questions relating to your current symptoms and past medical history, diet, lifestyle, sleep etc. and about the mental and emotional aspects in your life, if required.
      Any questions asked will help me get a better understanding of who you are and more importantly, why you feel the way you do, whether it be a physical symptoms or emotional.
      We all inherit weaknesses and susceptibilities from our parents, so information on your health history as well as that of your family are also examined as these usually indicate how you have come to your current state of health.
      Once Homeopathic treatment has started, follow-up appointments will take place about once a month. These usually continue until you feel better. Changes and improvements are generally seen between each appointment and for the more chronic cases a minimum of four appointments is recommended. To stay well and in good health, periodic check-ups are necessary to maintain your level of well-being

      Before You Visit

      When you visit me for the first time, please complete the “Patient information form” as far as you can and send or bring it along with you when coming for your first appointment. It helps to know your current state of health in detail. If you have any reservations to filling in the form for any reason, don’t worry, it’s not obligatory.
      If you need to cancel or change your appointment please let me know a day in advance, otherwise you will be a charged.

      After consultation

      Your remedy will usually be sent to you by post within a few days.

      Skype or Telephone Consultations

      Skype consultations are also available, a service which is ideal for people unable to make it to the clinic and/or those outside of the UK.
      After consultation the homeopathic remedies will be posted to you. Payment may be made over the phone by credit or debit card.

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